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HBO Max is WarnerMedia’s streaming service, built on an unparalleled legacy in the industry, with a nearly 100-year history of creating some of the world’s most iconic content and franchises, supported by innovative technology to deliver a personalized and immersive entertainment experience.

How We Do It

Our success is based on a beautiful blend of art & science. 
The Greatest Stories
HBO Max is where the greatest storytellers take center stage; the place where the world’s most visionary creatives find a home and the right resources to do their best work. Together, we bring the most iconic franchises and characters to millions of fans all over the world.​​​​​​
Innovative Technology
HBO Max offers an immersive user experience by weaving together human-powered content curation coupled with a blend of machine-learning algorithms, data-driven insights and personalization tailored to each individual user. All powered by the best-in-class software platform and technology.
Headshot of Liz Bannan-Atcheson
"The thing I love most about working for Max is how wide of a net we can cast in terms of genres and types of content to pursue. Plus, I get to work with creators, distributors and studios from all around the world. I’ve already had the opportunity to work with a really diverse network of content providers and we’ve only been at this for a year or so. It’s pretty amazing to have visibility into what’s on the forefront of the global content offering and I’m excited to see where we go from here."
Liz Bannan-Atcheson
​​​​​​​Sr. Director, Content Acquisition, HBO Max
professional perspective
Professional perspective
"I’m the Director of Product Management for something we call “discovery.” That means pretty much thematic ownership and responsibility for everything you experience with the HBO Max product outside of the video player itself. After you authenticate, that’s where my world starts! When you log into HBO Max, I focus on why you are seeing what you’re seeing. The home page, series pages, scrolling through our curated suggested content—everything you see and can choose to enjoy. Our goal is to provide a virtuous cycle of content consumption and discovery. Think of a “soft toss” between what you discover and the actual video playback."
Jacob Edelstein
​​​​​​​Director Product Management, Discovery, HBO Max
professional perspective
"I work on the long-term content strategy planning – using data and analytics to identify the content gaps and opportunities across the big picture HBO Max ecosystem. I work on the content strategy plans and partnerships along-side the acquisitions and programming teams strategizing how best to serve all consumers. I love being positioned at the intersection of art and science, as one can never be 100% sure of what the next big hit might be!"
Reena Mehta
​​​​​​​Vice President, Content Strategy & Planning, HBO Max
professional perspective
"My favorite part of the job is working on shows that I would actually want to watch! The first show assigned to me was “Legendary,” which is a ballroom competition show. It highlights a community that is rarely seen or represented on television, so to walk in on day one and get assigned such a special show was amazing. We set out not only to make them seen, but also to make them shine."
Rebecca Quinn
​​​​​​​Vice President, Non-fiction, HBO Max
professional perspective
"I work on the Drama Originals team, so we are continually developing and overseeing fresh and distinctive drama programming for the streamer. This past year, I worked on the Anna Kendrick series "Love Life," which is one of our launch shows. I’m also working on "Generation" with Lena Dunham producing, as well as crime thriller 'Tokyo Vice.'"
Maura Feerick
Senior Director, Original Drama Programming, HBO Max
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